The embodiment of spite

My WC male Pseudaspis
Spite 1
Spite 2
Spite 3
Spite 4
Spite 5
Spite 6
Spite 7

This guy is pure rage and anger and hate. He growls and hisses every time I come in the room and will repeatedly strike the glass if he is in a mood (and 70% of the time he is definitely in a mood). I have to be careful opening the cage because he will charge and he will bite and he will show no remorse

About the only things he has going for him are that he is a very reliable feeder and, most importantly, he is of the red/gold phase like my CBB female. So hopefully I will be able to make some beautiful babies in the coming years


Oh he’s beautiful though. That coppery color and gray makes him look so metallic.


He sounds like a barrel of laughs. :joy: Good thing he’s gorgeous.

Best of luck with the breeding project. Hopefully the babies will take after their mother.


Oh my foot. that’s so good looking, the colours are amazing.
I am tempted. That graduation of colour…
The looks are well worth the potential pain.
Whats the bite like?
I sacrificed possible pain for beauty in the past with green tree pythons, again worth it.


He only got me once and I was already pulling back so it was only a glancing blow, but it bruised a little

I will also leave you with this article for thought (and yes, I read it before I got into the species and still thought it was a good idea anyway. But I also keep kukri so I obviously have no common sense :rofl:) :