The Enhancer gene

The Enhancer story direct from the horse’s mouth.

In 2002, my partner Michael Perry and I @ RegiusCo imported a bright yellow lime yearling female ball python from Togo, Afrika, she had good weight for a wild caught but did not take well to captivity, took us a good year to get her established BUT once established, she never looked back and grew to a monster 3,500 grams as a three year old.

At that time, the incomplete dominant ball pythons were taking off but there wasn’t the huge array of dom - co-dom mutations we see today, Pastel, Black Pastel and Spider were the staple co-doms back then. We were hoping to prove out this mutation and decided to breed her to a recessive gene! Clowns & Piebalds where quite expensive back then and not yet in our collection… We bred her to our Genetic Stripe and produced 2.5 Double-Het Enhancer/Genetic Stripe. They grew fast, we bred one of the yearling males back to their mother and proved out the gene to be simple recessive.

Now many claim the Enhancer and Desert Ghost to be one of the same! I respect their opinion but do not agree with it. Having raised dozens of Enhancer & Desert Ghost side by side, they look completely different, age differently and colors at maturity aren’t the same. The Enhancer is one that just keeps getting better with age, Like the Desert Ghost, they get brighter with every shed. The adult Enhancer colors in its pure form is not easy to describe. At maturity, they get this light yellow lime color with heavy blushing.

The Enhancer and Desert Ghost where bred together in 2012, proving both strains to be compatible, the resulting offspring take on a look in between both strains. Since then, many keepers have mixed both lines together and marketing their offspring as pure Desert Ghost. This being particularly true in the Canadian market. Some of us do however keep the Enhancer strain pure, Justin @ Kinova and Billy @ Mutation Creation also agree that both strains look different and keep both lines separate from one another.

In conclusion, both the Enhancer and Desert Ghost are a key ingredient in combos, their future is bright, no pun intended.

Happy Herping

Marc Bouchard
Selectively Bred Serpents.

Adult Pastel Enhancer Het-GStripe

Original Enhancer Matriach
Buttermilk ov2


Awesome to hear about it from the source. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for putting the info out there, I’d wondered about that myself. What gorgeous animals!! :heart_eyes:


it would be good if the two lines were kept separate but that’s difficalt.
e.g butter/lesser and coral/banana. I am sure they have been mixed by some people at some point, but people still claim its one or the other. So I think with those we don’t really know which it is after all this time.

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It seems that the two lines in this case can be visually delineated by most who are experienced with them so I don’t think it’s an issue.


Personally I love the gene. If I was in bps, I would work with it.

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I see many purchasing Enhancer’s to enhance their DG projects (Specially in Canada), I have yet to see anyone working with the pure Enhancer line mixing it with DG (I wonder why that is), in either case, its a personal preference and nothing wrong with that, in a perfect world, a mix of both lines should be mentioned to all buyers BUT it isn’t. The key is they look completely different as adults! So I’ve adopted a new slogan ‘‘Enhance your DG projects’’…lol…


I love Enhancer over DG since I am more about Oranges then I worry about Darker Blacks just wish more people had Enhancer combos other then just pastel. I would kill for a OD or SOD Enhancer female right now


I should have OD Enhancers this year, females are building good.