The good, the bad, and the downright scary

So sorry, there are crumbs out there, but also people who will go out of their way to help and encourage.


I’ve dealt with some… not so pleasant things, but I ignored all of it and have been successful with producing my first clutches!

Going into my second season now, and the females I’ve been pairing are already developing follicles. Super excited and hope for an even bigger turnout than last year!
Though I need to get a new thermostat for my incubator, my VE-100 seems to have quit working properly.
It keeps making this clicking noise, and the temp spiked up to around 80° (it was set to 74°F or so)… hopefully my gecko eggs will hatch out okay. :grimacing:
Probably gonna look into a herpstat for it!

Another one of my recent additions appears to have gotten mites on her. Oddly enough the male (which I got from the same breeder) does not have any mites.
The numbers were very few and I caught it quickly so I’ve been treating them vigorously in hopes I can stamp them out quickly.
Let the breeder I got them from know that she had mites, since they’re local and I want to be sure they can address the problem in their own collection. I know they’ve had mite issues before (they had my fiancé and I spray ourselves down with bug spray before leaving their shop) but it’s a bit tough to hear they still have them.

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