The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Ball Python Breeding

Eventually, I’d like to organize several other threads similar to this for other snakes and reptiles, but for now, what I’d like to talk about here is all related to experiences in breeding, step to step from breeding to ovulation, laying eggs, incubation, and hatching. And while doing research on the forums here, I more than occasionally see what can be described as one sided information, or the good without the bad, and not always fully explained, and when something is brought up in a comparison but not really visualized, such as with photos or other types of examples shown, we get a great example of what “good” is, but I’ve not seen a great many of examples of when things have gone wrong, or alternative explanations to circumstances. I believe that “working examples” of mishap are important, not only to document for yourself, in building your own experience and your own wealth of knowledge, but to show anyone who hasn’t put their foot in the proverbial bear trap yet what the foot looks and feels like if you do, so to speak. Just for instance, there’s this great thread on Easy, Fool Proof Egg Setup and it gives some of the best examples of things like what good eggs, good candling, good incubation methods and good incubation box methods all are and what they can look like, with a lot of excellent working examples of when things go right. However, as useful as I found this, and I’m sure many others do, too, while it and other threads that give lots of good info on what positive examples look like are great for knowing you’re doing something right, what about when things aren’t going right? I’d like to see some examples of things like bad clutches (such as proper/poor egg form, other factors), bad candling (what poor veins/dead eggs look like, slugs etc), incubator failures (incubators that failed, and why), poor incubation practice (egg container/hatching media errors/issues, improper handling), hatching/cutting mishaps (issues and possible deformities with examples and explanations), poor equipment to use, and whatever else anyone can think to include in this sort of category. Mistakes and failure is a natural part of doing anything, and this isn’t to highlight any of those mistakes, mishaps or any of the breeders who may have made them or experienced them, it’s about learning from them and moving forward with a knowledge base for others to walk around the bear traps with, whenever possible. So, thank you all for any of your contributions, I look forward to seeing what we can gather here.