The Hognose Collection is coming along

Picked up a new group of hognose last weekend. I didn’t pay retail price (deal with a friend) but it was still a solid kick in the wallet :sweat_smile:

1.0 Yeti

0.1 Super Yeti

1.0 Axanthic Conda Het Toffee Belly

0.1 Axanthic Conda Het Toffee Belly

0.1 Pastel Axanthic Conda Het Toffee Belly

I’m really digging the Pastel one. Pastel is a polygenic trait so I’m not sure how much of it I’ll see when I breed these but hopefully it comes through.

Also picked up this little Hypo Conda a few shows back.

Last but not least is this pair of Ghosts that I picked up in January.


Gorgeous! Bit jealous of those Axanthic Condas, for sure.


I love hognoses, and I can imagine these were a nice kick to the wallet lol.

I’ve refrained from keeping any species I don’t plan to breed because I know as soon as I do I’ll want to try to make more of them. Hoggies are on my list to get soon though. These all look amazing!


All look amazing! Yeti’s are very cool looking! I got to say though the hypo conda, and pastel axanthic conda are my faves!


What a collection :exploding_head:


Nice! I can’t even pick a favorite.


Super clean! I love super yetis! I will want updates from you on this one :wink:.


This one hurts my wallet just looking at it. :grimacing:


What an awesome collection! Jealous of the super yeti, that’s one of my dream hoggies.

Hoping to produce my own super yeti down the line when my girls get big enough for breeding. I have all the “ingredients”, it’s just gonna take time!


Oh! That comparison between the axanthic and the pastel axanthic is super helpful for understanding how pastel works with colors and other morphs! That was like a whole educational lesson in 2 pictures, thanks for sharing your cuties with us.


Those are all super nice, but I love the super yeti. I’m considering trying to create a super yeti, but I think I would rather create a superconda super arctic albino.


You can’t go wrong either direction. A super arctic albino is really nice. I got to see one in person for the first time (no conda) at National Breeders expo and they are just stunning.


Beautiful snakes! I’m especially loving the Hypo Conda, but they’re all gorgeous. Congrats!


I swear I’m still alive and I’ll answer everyone soon lol. My career is amazing but it monopolizes my time occasionally.


They’re definitely stunners. It’s interesting how much more silver/grey some are than others. In BPs I don’t see that amount of variation in VPI stuff.

I’m very bad about this lol. My wife insists I don’t have to breed every species of domestic animal. I don’t know where that baby llama came from :joy:

Yeah that little hypo conda is one of my favorites. Of course it’s gone off feed since I brought it home and is starting to make me nervous lol.

Thank You!

I would have to say the Pastel Axanthic Conda is my favorite. The ghosts are probably next, but I have a feeling the super yeti will take over once it gets some size on it.

Thank You! I’ll keep the updates coming on that one, I think it’s going to be a real smoke show once it grows up.

Quite :joy: I got a really good deal on the group but it still stung lol.

That’s the best way. I happy dance way more when I produce a cool snake than when I just cut the line and buy it lol.

I haven’t seen one of those yet, now I have a rabbit hole to go down :joy:

Thank You! The Hypo Conda just checks all the boxes with the rich colors, good contrast and neat pattern!


For sure!

My group for that project:
1.0 snow
0.1 albino superconda
0.1 conda dh snow

The snow male is breeding size, albino superconda female is almost breeding size so I’ll be pairing those two, all of the babies will be albino conda het snow so I will likely keep at least a male, holdback male would be paired to the conda het snow female and hopefully the odds gods bless me with a super yeti!


My wife says I’m bad about it too. She says I can’t get a hobby without going overboard most the time. I just can’t help it :man_shrugging:t3:


This is exactly why I’m only ever going to get ONE boa, if I ever considered getting a second I’d be tempted to get a partner for the one I get, and there’s no way I could deal with a huge litter of baby noodles even if its an adorable thought! :rofl:


Aww :grinning: They’re all so cute!


They’re beautiful! Only thing I don’t like about living in Colorado is that I can’t have hognoses here. I had one years ago and I miss the little weirdo!