The Hurricane Season 2021

The 2021 season is off to a promising start
we hope for the first visual Hurricane Ultramels, Super Hurricane Super Enchis Lesser, Super Hurricane Spotnose

Greetings Gerd

The next Hurricane Ultramel female ovu Paaring with Hurricane het Ultramel

Hurricane female on eggs. paaring with Hurricane Spotnose


and here is the Hurricane Ultramel
and hurricane het Ultramel


What an exciting combo! These are two of my favorite morphs in one. I’d love to see more pictures.

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after the first shed come more pictures

They look great, can’t wait to see more pics :grin: congrats

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Same!! I have learned to love hurricanes being from Florida.

Nice! Hurricane and ultramel are both on my “get” list.

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Now all out from the egg

Hurricane Spotnose X Hurricane