The Jumping Spider Conundrum [5452]

First post here and hopefully my last as I haven’t had any other significant issues browsing the site/app. I wanted to revive the discussion on the true spider category, specifically regarding jumping spiders. At the time of writing this there are 17 pages of listings under true spiders, each of which at least half filled with jumping spiders. This makes it much more of a hassle for customers such as myself (who aren’t interested in jumping spiders) to find desired listings.
It’s clear this is an issue many have with the category, as evidenced by the last feature request post on the topic, but also in numerous discussions I’ve had with members of other invertebrate communities. With that, I can also see how it could be an issue for vendors of true spiders whose listings aren’t getting nearly the amount of traffic as the plethora of jumping spiders clogging the category.
The solution offered on the previous post was to exclude undesirable keywords in the search bar, which, although reducing a large portion of the jumping spiders listed, still isn’t an adequate fix. The way vendors individuate listings by minor color discrepancies, assigned pet names, inventory classifications, on the spot hobby names, and the usual birthdates/ages, scientific names (both in full and abbreviation), a variety of established common names, and sexes, makes it a challenge to filter all jumpers and ultimately necessitates a separate category for their listings from which everyone would benefit.


We have you covered in the near future :wink:


Just wanted to say welcome to the forum even if you don’t plan to stay long! Hopefully your issue is resolved soon! :blush:

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Thank you!