The new corns from the misses

After posting my new ball and mentioning that the misses has baught 2 corns as well i got the question to post them.
So here they are.
1.0 Hypo Bloodred het striped, Charcoal
0.1 Tessera Butter 100% het Motley

She’s not planning to breed them but i do think eventually it wil happen.
She didn’t really look at the genetics for breeding but she loved the colours and faces.
Through the calculator i’ve been researching what could possible happen when she eventually try’s to breed them.
For now she’s just happy with them and that’s what’s the most important.
Both eating very well so all is good!


Very pretty! And nice examples of their morphs. She has good taste!


Hello again @bdev! Thank you for posting the pictures! Those corns are real beauties! I have to agree with @solarserpents! Your misses has good taste and she knows how to pick them!

If she does decide to breed keep us updated!

Thank you again for the pictures! :pray::+1:


They are beautiful corns, @bdev ! Very nice indeed.