The New Set-Up

The hognoses got enclosure upgrades a few days ago. When I first got into hognoses, I started off with PVC enclosures. As the collection grew, I invested in rack systems. With my recent downsize, I switched back to (mostly) PVC displays. There was a bit of a miscalculation and I’m short a few displays, but they’re on their way :slight_smile: and there is a VE-6 rack with grow-outs not pictured.


What a beautiful snake room! @elementalherps I love the look of everything :heart:


That looks great. Now we need some pictures of what’s inside. :grin: :rofl: What rack do you have on the far left?


Beautiful setup. Something awesome about an organized collection like this.


Thanks Riley! I must admit, I’m pretty happy with how they look as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Riley (I sound like a broken record). The racks on the left are my hatchling ones, made to fit Interdesign bins

Here’s a quick shot of Cindy Lou exploring her enclosure

Thank you Randall :slight_smile: I’d been wanting to bite the bullet and get the hognoses in larger enclosures for awhile now. It’s really enjoyable watching them explore and have the ability to stretch out


Where did you order your enclosures from? I’ve been looking around for a while and it’s hard to find setups that will also be able to have light/heat

I ordered them from Cornel’s World in Alberta (Canada). I specifically wanted the bend edge style ones, not the flat pack ones you have to assemble.

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