The peach gene…

It appears that no one completely understands the peach gene. Some claim to know the ins and outs however never can answer the simple question of how to tell if a corn indeed has peach either single gene (het) or double gene (visual). I’m doing my best to come up with a solid answer.
Curious if anyone else has any input that makes sense.
Here are several of my peach animals. Some are single gene, some visual.

Thanks for looking and I hope someone else has some solid input.

Ryan Ferrell (FerrellCaptives)


Love those Peaches, @rferrell. I have noticed this myself. I keep thinking it will get sorted out. I’ve got a few Peach youngsters but haven’t yet bred any of them. I have definite plans, but can’t add any first-hand info as of yet to the discussion of how this trait is inherited. I can confirm that it takes time to become obvious.


Maybe @solarserpents or @don_soderberg can help out here?


Definitely curious myself as my second cornsnake was sold to me as a male peach masque, but to me he looks almost 100% identical to my Tessera female, no real color differences. I’m assuming maybe he just isn’t peach but I’d love to know more about how peach works


I’ve never worked with peach. Ryan knows way more than I do!


I’m definitely still learning with this gene! However I’ve had a few people claim they can differentiate peach from het peach and can distinguish what animals have either or…. However they never have a definitive answer on what they’re looking at. Which tells me you don’t know. I can’t imagine knowing and making it a huge secret. Just my take. I am however working with the gene heavily to try to come up with the answers we all want to know.