The perfect pair

These guys are nearly 1. Have a lot of growing to do still.
I have put a lot of effort into these in terms of set up, lighting, diet and supplements. Mostly Arcadia products that never fail.

Well the are doing awesome.

No need for poorly kept CWD. Due to them being inexpensive, they often get a bum deal. So many with MBD, bad eyes, rubbed snout and mouth rot :frowning:


What are these again? They look familliar somehow.


Chinese water dragons. They look like a totally different animal when actually cared for correctly. Beautiful photos!!


Ah they are one of the agamids that I’m interested in. Cool lizards…


They are beautiful looking! Is there a proper care sheet you are following? I’d give one of these a go if they’d look like this…


Yes indeed Agamids. They have the agamid spy eyes lol

There are a decent bit of lizards I like that happen to be among the Agamidae. I think they might be one of my fav fams in the class Reptilia.

No just my own care, based on observation of these over the years. The problem with these guys is as they are inexpensive many people don’t seem to give them the correct care :confused: They need much better UV, supplements, heat and humidity than people generally give them.

A lot of people think it’s cute when they put these guys on their backs or see these guys floating upside down in water :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
If your water dragon does this…it’s not great! Healthy lizards don’t do this at all. Then there’s the MBD issue with these guys. It seems people either don’t provide them with decent UV or keep in an arboreal enclosure where the dragon cannot get up high enough to get the rays below the UV. I have therefor gone for a wide but tall viv with MVB and Arcadia T5 too. I am using the Arcadia supplement regime that I harp on about. Sadly the last thing is the smashed up noses, often leading to mouthrot. Due to the higher humidity needed a lot of people opt for glass housing. TBH it doesn’t hold heat in, but the issue is these guys don’t understand the invisible boundaries…They run when babies and juveniles and SMASH!!! Wooden vivariums work so much better…as does heavily cluttering the vivarium with plants and sticks. People care more about seeing the lizard than letting it hide more and making it feel more comfortable being hidden by decor. They get a really bad level of care on the whole


Awesome Photos

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