The Pringles Spider?!

Idk if y’all have heard about this but it’s pretty darn cool. Apparently Pringles is petitioning to get this kidney garden spider renamed. Its abdomen has a great riff on the Pringles logo. There’s an online petition if anyone is interested in signing. Either way, it’s a pretty cool invert! I don’t have any of my own photos to post, but someone on here may.


Googled some images of the spider - it totally looks like the Pringles guy! Too funny!


Looks like an old man yelling “get off my lawn!”


Totally ridiculous! Apparently they’ve been known for years. I’m not sure why Pringles just decided to campaign for the name change but I’m glad they did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered this creature existed. It really made me smile!

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Hahaha ROFL, you are so right! He’s washing his arms and everything! :laughing:

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