The Thing....My Arizona Blonde Tarantula

Just a few iphone pics of this AZ Blond I recently purchased. This is my first tarantula so wish me luck.


Best of luck with your fuzzy new friend. How are the temperaments with this species?

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I’ve read they aren’t that bad temper wise and not hard to care for. The temper thing I’m not sure on as I have not handled it and have left alone until it settles in better.

Typically they are best not to handle at all as they don’t gain anything from it and it stresses them out. I’ve seen a lot of cases of people who accidentally killed their tarantula from handling it. If you do decide to handle it just keep it low to the ground and don’t handle for too long for too often.


Nice! We have 2 in our collection and our adult was my first tarantula as well. The 2 we have are great always eat and Almost always out and about. Definitely one of my favorites