The time for seller to give a feedback

how long does it take to get feedback or answer after sending an inquiry to sellers?

Usually shouldn’t take more than a week. Depends on the seller. Good luck!

Depends on the breeder and how, where and when they were contacted.

If you contacted a breeder through MM you can see are responsive they usually are.

As a buyer my expectation are to get an answer withing 24 to 48 hours, if I do not I will contact them again in case they did not receive my message, after that I will simply move on.

Communication is key before and after a sale.


thank you very much!! i hope they can reply me as quick as you…

I left a message last night, and I think I need give them one or two days, but it is possible for seller to neglect your message just because you are a rookie of this website(this is the first time for me to buy pet on this website)

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If you message last night I would be a bit more patient, not all breeders are doing this full time, some (many) have jobs and families.

Breeders do not look at membership length to decide to answer or not answer.

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ok, thank you

does that mean the seller has already seen my message? if the answer is yes, why he doesn’t give me!


“seen Apr 22, 6:59 a.m.”

That means your message was seen, I for example read all my messages in the morning as I get ready however I may not answer right away.

Patience goes a long way you only contacted the breeder last night at 10.39 pm central time and not everyone works around the clock.


Yeah, I need to be more patient, and your answer is really helpful for me, helping me to become more confident with this transaction. Thank you

Seriously I’ve had a breeder take a week to respond. I know you’re excited/anxious but just give it some time. After a week, move on and try to find another reptile you’d want. And there’s also no harm in making multiple inquiries to different breeders if you honestly don’t have the patience to wait.