The transformation of Beata - just wanted to share my joy

I just want to share how happy I am!

I adopted a 9 year old red brazilian rainbow boa a while ago. She wasn’t eating, her sheds were terrible and she had an unknown number of stuck eyecaps.

Today she seems healthy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She sacred the **** out of me last time I fed her by going for her rat like a projectile as soon as I opened the terrarium. A surprising and not before seen behaviour from her, and as I see it a total success. She would be veeeery hard to get to take her pray in the beginning, with a number of failed feeding attempts.

Her last shed was PERFECT, with both eyecaps coming off as well. :snake:

I don’t really know any where else I can share how happy I am about this. :partying_face: I have been a terror to this beautiful snake, removing eyecaps, stuck skin and trying a bunch of feeding techniques, and she has been gentle and kind the while time.

Then (look at the spine :grimacing:) :

A while ago:

Now (not a great pic, but just look at that beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) :


Can’t wait till our little girl gets that big!!


What a beauty! :heart: How old is she?


Right at a year


Great job with her, Rainbows are amazing animals and you giving a second lease on life to one in need like this is always a wonderful thing to see.


That recovery is insane! Props to you for giving this girl a second chance; and an overall quality of life. I know it can be stupid hard sometimes, especially with fickle species like rainbow boas. She looks so happy and healthy now! Great job


Thank you!

She is really special to me, I guess the ones that demands extra care always are.

I hope to be able to provide good care for her for the rest of ger life and right now I’m looking for a bigger enclosure for her, or maybe to build one, as my next move. She has grown! :sweat_smile:

Thank you! It’s been some work, but it’s all worth it. I don’t have many pics from when I got her, but it’s a huge difference to now. She was so thin, so weak…

I was most worries about her eyes, but they seem fine now.


Great job saving that one here is one of mine


@jwolfman082779 Wow!! That’s a pretty one. And it’s eye look totally different from Beata’s. Her (or his, I don’t know really :sweat_smile:) eyes are much more solid black.

Really nice pictures.


Well done, she’s looking great l, here’s my boy, Peruvian Rainbow


Thank you @harrytb :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your boy is gorgeous. Also, as with @jwolfman082779 s, that lighter eye. :ok_hand:t2: Very beautiful.


And here it is, Beata’s new crib. 175x70x80 cm. She can happily live here the rest of her life with plenty of room.

She seems to enjoy her update and has been digging, bathing and exploring since she moved in, this saturday. Found her favourite hiding place and now I’ll wait for a week or so to see if she still will feed for me as good as she has before.

Add images here

Edit - better quality pic and more pics.

Thank you @lumpy. :green_heart:


Wow that is a beautiful tank. I am happy to see that she is in good hands :raised_hands:
She is blessed