The trends of morphs

So what genes do you think will make a big comeback in the next few years and why? I know many have said DG is coming back but I’d love to know what all you guys think

Whatever Justin is doing next summer :wink: really going out on a limb there lol. But I’ll add a couple more possibilities.

Def agree on DG. Very eye catching, and enough already available to become a trend. It could explode. (Because of the unfortunate name I wonder if it will negatively affect ghost/hypo/orange ghost etc due to people assuming it is the “best” line of ghost instead of realizing it is its own thing.)

Clown is and will continue to be massive. Still many places to go with it, and so much already available anyone that wants to get in can snatch it up.

One I’ve been recently turned on to by a friend is black Axanthic. I definitely think it could overtake the other Axanthic lines, not sure if enough is available to explode to a full blown “trend” just yet.

Leopard/OD are very trendy right now already…nothing else that isn’t already really trendy comes to my mind. Anyone else?

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What do you mean by “coming back?” Did DG already have a heyday?


IDK about “heyday” but it did have a rather big surge right around the time Desert was finally put to bed as a dead project

DG = Desert Ghost right? (just wanting to make sure)
I don’t think I’d be one to jump on this train. I don’t really see what it does.

" It really brings out the color when combined with other genes such as pastel. There are still alot of combo’s to be made and this gene will probably trow some nice and unexpected stuff in the future."

Does that mean visually it just help brighten other morphs?


I wanted to focus on leopard when I first started looking at morphs. I think the leopard gene is very beautiful and really has a lot of potential still.

Orange Dream is another one I’m not really sure of what it really does besides brighten the orange?
^please someone give me more in depth detail about DG/OD

If you want to invest into Bamboo go for it.

But the question posed was what do you think will be trendy in the near future…not just another “what morphs do you like,” thread. Let’s stay on topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna know what others have observed

I just mean what undervalued morphs do you see going up in price and becoming more available than it already was. In my opinion I definitely see tri stripe making a big impact in the future and no one really works with it much right now

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I can see tri stripe making a big impact. Maybe some of the big guys are working on it, and we just don’t know.

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Mutation creation Canada are working on tri stripe

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Yes, it is a brightener/cleaner. Find a picture of a regular Pastel and a DG Pastel and you should be able to immediately see the difference.

There are actually quite a few people working with Tri, but it seems that a lot of them went for the double recessive route so we are not seeing a whole lot of combos yet. I agree that that will probably change in the next couple years as the second wave have their animals coming into maturity.

Also… I am not sure I would put Tri in the “comeback” area as they never really had a big showing in the first place


Along these lines to those who have been in for a long time looking back at past trends that exploded do you usually see it coming or does it just pop out of left field and surprise everyone?

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Decided to make it easier for you than having you hunt down pictures taken by different people which can make a comparison more difficult. Here is a single gene DesertGhost with a wild-type. Cannot get a more direct comparison picture than that:


Thank you for the comparison! I like the black looking real black (if that makes sense). Beautiful snake @t_h_wyman

WOW…JUST WOW…single gene DG just on its own is crazy…the combos that havent even been hit yet are gonna be mind blowing