The Twisted Serpent LLC

@thetwistedserpent ello! My name is Cailey, and I own and founded The Twisted Serpent LLC.

I am the original creator of Pot Pals, little clay (and now 3D-printed) snakes I’ve designed to hang from the edge of plant pots, books, shelving, and anywhere else you can fit them! I offer a ton of variety in species, morphs, and more! The collections are still growing every day with new requests and high demands.

I was inspired in 2020 to start creating when I realized that my love for reptiles was far greater than my knowledge. Despite wanting a pet snake for as long as I could remember, I knew having one without the proper knowledge and husbandry would be irresponsible. Instead, I turned my attention to learning how to take care of the reptiles I would one day wish to have, and I have spent the last four years living vicariously through my customers and groups like MorphMarket to expand my knowledge!

I hope to see some fellow MorphMarket members in my shop. I’d love to answer any questions you may have about my work and make some new reptile-loving friends!

I also make jewelry, stickers, and enamel pins, among other knick-knacks!

Shop my website here:

Facebook: The Twisted Serpent
Instagram: @Thetwistedserpent
TikTok: @thetwistedserpent


Hello and welcome to our family! They’re so incredible!. I might have to get myself one of those :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Definitely so so cool and cute for any reptile person. Keep out the good work! And welcome again!


The little pot pals are so cute! I wish I could keep plants alive. Lol.



Those are so gorgeous!!! You’re very talented


Oh my goodnesssss I know where my paychecks are going this fall :joy:

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They are all so gorgeous, that gaboon is gonna make me swoon!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

:star_struck: oh my goodness! You are so talented!

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