There's a Starman waiting in the sky

Lots of Bowie inspired names for animals here. I’m a massive MASSIVE Bowie fan. Since the 80s. When Bowie died in 2016 I was very very poorly from my biggest Bipolar breakdown to date…It’s ALL about good, non destructive therapy for me now. Kicked the booze and the smokes a few years ago. I ovbs use animals and photography as therapy too. I have a new hobby of drumming…to bowie tunes, so I listen to Bowie DAILY without fail!

So this is little (not so small) “Starman” we took on from a so-called rescue in early November. Apparently he was a “fussy” feeder, he weighed just 2.3g!!! He’s anything but fussy. New weight today is 13.3g

SO LONG STARMAN…Happy 75th up there in the cosmos

“There’s a starman waiting in the sky…”


Some of the best shows ever! I’m a huge live music fan, so I’ve seen quite a few shows. Bowie never disappointed!

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VERY clever and funny man too :slight_smile: an absolute LEDGE