Thermometer for Reptile Room/Incubator

Hey all,
So i’m looking at getting some form of wifi thermometer for my reptile room and also for my incubator. I’m leaning towards going with Govee, as I’ve already got a meat thermometer I use with the app for our smoker. There seems to be two different models, one being a single unit, another being the wifi gateway with sensors. From a cost perspective, the wifi gateway + 3 sensors is a better deal. Anything I’m missing here?
Govee Wi-Fi Digital Thermometer Hygrometer
Govee Wi-Fi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor - Indoor
also open to other brands, I know sensorpush is a common one, but just figured if its worth it I would stick with Govee so its not another app to download.


Just wanted to bump this to get some input from anyone if anyone’s used the above referenced products.

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I have not used that product.