Thermostat failure... what to do?

Just realized that one of my thermostats has died on me. Not sure why, but Petco and Petsmart are both completely out of replacements and the earliest I can get one by mail is Friday. What can I do in the mean time? I don’t want to use the UTH with no thermostat but I’m wondering how to conserve heat until I can get my new one. This is for a ball python. The room they’re in sits at about 75 degrees room temp which isn’t exactly ideal.

Could just be me but if it doesn’t get below 75f and you don’t feed your snake I don’t think it’ll suffer to much to get a UTH on Friday.

Though I’m sure there are plenty of DIY temporary ways of keeping heat to some degree. I’m just not sure of any safe for reptiles.

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You using a heat pad or tape or what?

Under tank heater. Heat pad I guess is what it is. Right now the animal I’m worried about is just sitting at room temp because I don’t want to have the opposite problem and fry him.

As long as the room is in the mid 70’s you are fine simply buy a replacement and just make sure not to feed your animal until you can provide heat again.

I have kept animals for days during power outages with a room at 75 and you will be fine.

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Sounds good. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else I should do while I waited. Thank you!

Depending on where your at , your local grow/Hydro shop may have “jump start” there

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Try a plug in dimmer switch. I stopped using thermostats (until I can afford a nice pulse-power type) with my CHE’s. I also bought some inexpensive digital hygrometer/thermometers for each enclosure. I was shortening the life of my CHE’s by using on/off type thermostats. Just plug lamp into dimmer switch and fine tune it for your enclosures.


Oh that’s a great idea, I might have to get some dimmers then as back ups. I did eventually get my replacement thermostat and all the reptiles are fine but it’d be good to be ready for any short notice stuff in the future.