Thermostat help/advice

Does anyone know of any thermostats that aren’t super expensive but still work well? I have a couple tubs with heat tape in them and I’ve been using B-Link thermostats and they SUCK, I have it set at 107F and the heat tape is barely warm to the touch. My temp gun is reading 94F. It don’t feel like it should be a 13 degree difference. Does anyone know anything about these? Or maybe a better solution?

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I use Inkbird thermostats. Since they’re inexpensive I use 2 but I’ve never had a problem with them.

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Where is the probe located? And where are you reading your temps at? Imo the best budget thermostat that I’ve used are the Vivarium Electronics Hobbystat. I have one on one of my racks and it does a great job.

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What’s your price range like? Depending on the type of thermostat, off/on or proportional, there’s a few decent inexpensive options I’ve used, although when it comes to racks or larger heating needs like an incubator, well… You get what you pay for, and I’ve never taken the chance with equipment like that, it’s worth the extra in set-up costs if it doesn’t cost a life sometime down the road due to cheap equipment failure/inadequacy, in my opinion.


Is it the thermostat’s fault? Is it cycling off at the lower temp, or is the heat tape just never reaching the max temp?

I use habistat thermostats