Think about corns

So I was thinking about getting a corn snake I still have to do research and get a job lol as I’m pretty young but what morphs do you recommend as I’m not a huge fan of wild types like something Not super expensive maybe under 120$ I’m looking at root beers I think they look pretty cool

It depends if you like gray…like I do, so Hypo Cinder Motley

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Lots of colorful morphs available for that price, especially if you find a local breeder. If you don’t mind red eyes, amels and amel combos are really pretty. If you don’t like red eyes, you could go for bloodred or anery based morphs.

Root beers are a hybrid. They’re not usually too expensive, although they’re not super common, so you might have a hard time finding one.

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Thanks what are rootbeers a hybrid off and also not a huge fan of red eye but some kind of motley caught my eye I can’t remember what it was called😀

Root beers are a hybrid of the corn snake and emory rat snake. They reportedly aren’t as nice as corn snakes and can be bitey. They aren’t common because they aren’t popular and many frown upon hybrids.

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Oh I was not aware that they were not as friendly is a motley a better choice? Friendliness wise?

Anything that is a pure corn snake will be more friendly. So a motley will be friendly, unless you get an individual that isn’t.

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I actually have a good breeder friend who has amazingly good prices. A lot of small scale breeders will give you prices in that range and with amazing color variety. I always personally look for smaller scale breeders for that reason and because the snakes I get seem calmer and generally more friendly simply because the breeder themselves have more time per snake.

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Yea I agree I would rather go with a small breeder who has time to tame the snake a bit

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Thanks m8 appreciate it


Keep in mind though, in the long run its all up to you to tame any snake down. Even the best groundwork can easily be undone without proper and calm handling. Some snakes, even corns, are just asshats no matter what however. So don’t get a corn with the assumption they are gonna be personable and nice. I got 10 corns and some are absolute wonderful to have and others wanna kill me in my sleep.