Think She Will Lay?

So backstory, got this girl between 4 and 5 months ago, and the person I bought her from said he had been pairing her to two males, and he could feel follicles. Well, she is certainly big, and even I paired her twice to one of my males just in case, but I could never feel follicles. I still can’t. Messaged the guy, sent him pictures, and he said I should definitely be able to feel them, but that she looks like she should be close to ovulation.

She has been heat seeking, but she also occasionally wraps around her water bowl. She’s still eating. When I got her she was close to 1500g and she now weighs 2000g. She’s gotten a little bit fiestier as well. A lot of signs point to her having follicles at least, but I can’t ever feel them. I have another female that is growing follicles and I can feel hers somewhat easily… so I don’t know what to think.

Any insight or suggestions on how I can do a better job of maybe feeling for them? Or another way I could tell? I’ve very new to breeding, haven’t had my first clutch yet! So I’m just trying to figure things out.

Thank you! (First img is from yesterday, second is from when I got her.)


If she is still eating, and even being a little more aggressive that could be a sign she is still growing follicles to me. Wait a few weeks if you are able to feel follicles in the other snake easy you probably will, just not big enough yet would be my guess. She isn’t real close to laying though if she is still eating.

That isnt always correct I’ve had many females eat almost right until they lay.Going off feed isn’t always an indicator of anything. It’s a combination of a lot of things, I don’t personally think this female is currently gravid.

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