Thinking about a bamboo rat snake?

Heys guys!
I decided I’d like to do a planted bioactive enclosure or at least a planted enclosure.

I was trying to decide a species for the setup and thought…will a bamboo rat snake work?
I’ve read up on their care, very different from ball pythons! Lol.
I’m keeping 8 ball pythons, very much permanent!
I’ve also kept a red tail and Kenyan sand boa in the past.

As far as the temp, I read 72-75 is ideal? Can I provide UVB or would that raise the temp too much?
How much do the sub-species care differ?
Do they typically/easily live on mice?
How is their handleability?

Sorry for all the questions, lol, just want to see if this species is right for me!
Help is welcomed!


Hey @zer0stark7 I have never owned a rat snake but I think the bamboo rats are absolutely gorgeous! I do however have the sweetest little corn snake ever and it’s my understanding that rats and corns come from basically the same family, so their care is pretty much the same? I don’t use any special lighting for him and the warm side temperature is in the low to mid 80’s. They do just fine with a diet of appropriately sized mice.

I am sure others will come along with much more information.

Best wishes on your new adventure! :heart::blush::snake::frog::lizard:


Here is a video that might help…


I’ve thought about a corn too, but they’d be too rough on a planted terrarium :frowning:


Thanks! That’s actually the video that informed me of their existence, lol.
I made this thread to see if other people keep them personally and their opinions on them.


Im following to get that info as well!


I am thinking of getting a trio in the next year or so.