Thinking of starting breeding business

So I’m from Morocco and even though ball pythons as many type of snakes and reptiles come from this continent, Africa, breeding or even owning them as pets are very rare. I’m however so deeply in love with those creatures mostly snakes and I been doing research and learning as much as I could online for couple of years now. I still never owned a snake before because it’s hard to get one. Not many breeders like to export to other countries. I’m working on finding a way and my future plan is first manage to import couple of ball pythons so that I get to experience it myself and learn more by practicing what I know so far, then I want to start breeding and creating a small business in my country which doesn’t have any. The problem is before I get to start the business is I want to change the way people see snakes and remove all the bad ideas they have previously on them. I want to make more people accepting snakes and seeing them as a good pet animals which they definately are. I would really appreciate ideas that would help me do so.

Considering the economy right now there could not be a worse time to get started on a breeding business, I can tell you from experience that in the next few months a lot of people will call it quit, I have seen it before.

Now when the time is right you need to treat it like any other business and have a business plan, YOU only can do that, no one else will do it for you.

Now the first to thing to focus on are as followed, Is there a demand in your country? and if so is it legal in your country and what do you need to get started.

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