This absolute mad lad has just arrived!

Hey all, i know I posted the pics from the breeder, but he is here! (A bit miffed from traveling, was a hissing storm when i took him out to check him for health.)


That’s a great looking addition. Are you planning to breed him or is he going to just be a cool pet?

If you breed him it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll breed homozygous or het.


Nice!! My fingers are crossed that he will prove out genetic, not just paradox for ya!


The seller already bred him twice. Produced no hets so his albino half controls his genetics.

I may breed him, im wondering if i bred him to my BEL (bamboo mojave) how bamboo albinos would look (obviously i would then have to breed the holdbacks to actually make albinos). Im also wondering if a BEL (bamboo bamboo) with albinism would have red eyes, making an all white snake with red eyes.

Will see. Mainly i got him because it was a really cool snake, but i may experiment a little. I need to see which genes i like working with the most, so im starting a bit broad. I know i want to work with desert ghost, bamboo, axanthic, and scalelesshead (if i can prove they are stable with proper husbandry). I like clown, pied, enchi, black pastel, and pinstripe. I also have HRA and red stripe, but those arent focuses, though i do want to see if i can use them to make something cool. I wanna try to make a black pastel, red axanthic, red stripe, pied. I think it would look nice. Will see.

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I believe his form of paradox is chimeric in nature (2 embryos fusing together) which would not be genetic. He has already been bred twice befpre being sold to me and produced all albino offspring.


Very cool looking! Have you come up with a good name for him?

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I like to wait to see personalities first, but just from first impressions he is very grumpy haha, he was an absolute hiss monster. So im thinking of calling him Royal Rumble. It plays off the british name for ball pythons, his hissiness, and the avalanche of normal mixed into the albino :slight_smile:

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Yes it would!


Such a very cool pickup!

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Thats awesome! That means if i can produce a bam bam BEL that is albino, ill be able to tell, so i could breed it to an albino to create bamboo albino every time. Very good to know!

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Thanks! I could not resist haha

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That’s such a crazy-looking snake! He’s really gorgeous and unique. I love the way paradoxes look. It’s so wild.

Congrats on the awesome new addition!


He is an absolute stunner! What a unique boy. Definitely don’t blame you picking him up I would have too! Hope he gets settled in and looking forward to more pics of him :slight_smile: