This is more towards breeders of scaleless

Are any breeders working on scaleless (super scaleless head)? *do to different sources, they are being calling them different terms. This would be for complete scaleless, not just head.
What morphs are you working on?
What issues are you seeing if any?
Are females still being seen as not fertile?

There seems to be very little out there on scaleless, other then the older information and thoughts. Very few have let it be know on breeding, care, and issues. I am looking for current info for those who are interested in scaleless, buyers and breeders.


Issues I’m aware of:

Females just aren’t producing. The one video of a hobbyist showing his on eggs has some controversy around it. Most people seem to think it was a video edit.
Regardless, if they were fecund, the females should have been producing a couple years ago.

Excessive shedding. They shed every 3-6 weeks in the ones I’ve seen.

Need moisturizer applied regularly, shed rolls must be split or the animal has a high likelihood of having circulation cut off. Wilibanks has mentioned losing several that way.


I have not heard an update on the females for a while. I was hoping for some newer data on it by now.

The last info I seen posted was that shedding does happen more often. Shedding is not an issue if you get humidity up above 80% and just before it starts.

Less humidity is better when not in shed, as you can get skin issues from the moisture.

There is just still so little info still.


They’re just a train wreck. 80% humidity I’d be worried about RIs. Regardless if they don’t tear the shed roll the keeper should. Even scaleless corns die from it getting too tight sometimes and they’re much hardier animals.

Lone Star Reptiles said last year or the year before that he had a lot of scaleless females ready to breed and was going to figure it out once and for all. Haven’t heard anything about it since so it clearly didn’t go as planned. Constriction Addiction had breeder sized females in 2020 and haven’t see anything from him on scaleless lately.

If you go on IG and search scaleless ball pythons about 20% of the photos are them being fed to King Cobras or preserved specimen.


I haven’t watched it but just stumbled across this video a few minutes ago

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There’s still a lot of controversy around that “clutch” and some things don’t quite add up.

The first visual scaleless was a male (Mr. Smooth) produced in 2013. Females were produced in 2014 or 15 iirc. A lot of people have had them for a long time. There should be a whole lot more clutches to show than this one example that may or may even not be real. In an era of smartphones I would expect that breeder to have more photo and video of the entire process.

I know someone who is a well known breeder that has been working this project since 2015 and he does very little with it these days. He’s never had a female lay eggs. He brings an adult scaleless to shows as an oddity and makes a few scaleless a year to sell as pets.