This might sound silly, but do breeders ever accept "holds" for possible morphs?

I know this sounds weird. I’ve been looking for a certain morph corn snake for over a year and I missed out on two that were posted a couple weeks ago because the seller never replied to me on here for some reason. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m still pretty sad about it lol I was just wondering if there’s any way to find a breeder who is aiming for these morphs, or know they might possibly be hatching some, who would let me put a deposit down on a possible future baby? I have absolutely no knowledge of breeding, so feel free to tell me if this is a stupid question to ask.


That is usually a question to ask to the person who breed what you are looking for.

Now while I am sure some breeder will do that IMO they should not, putting money down toward something can be tricky before it is produced is tricky.

What if the animal is not produced? What if several people put money down for the same type of animal, let’s say 3 people and on 2 of those animal are produced.

And with the tendency of some breeders to spend the money before the transaction is completely successfully it could get messy quick.

Now some breeders will put you on a waiting list if you tell them what you are looking for without requiring any payment.

Personally I would not put money down on something that has not been produced, so something to think about.


I personally do not let people put money down on animals that aren’t born yet, but I keep waiting lists for everything I produce, which do not require a monetary commitment. A large number of the offspring I produce every year are sold to wait listers.

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I have been asked this question several times as well. Not a weird request but also something I refuse to do. I won’t take money for an animal until it is hatched and eating, since it’s messy before anything is hatched or born and I have a superstition that accepting money before a critter eats is asking for non eaters. But I do also offer first alert lists, people on the list are alerted to an animal or clutch being ready several days before they are officially listed on any for sale site and have a few days to decide whether to buy or not before the animal is offered to the public.


Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting a hold for something I may not produce. I don’t want to guarantee anything I can’t deliver. I’m happy to notify people who express an interest in something when it’s available though.

Agree with all the above. No harm at all in asking about a wait list but I would not put money down.