This was a Miracle

About a week ago I lost two of my snakes to bad food that I was sold. One was my year and a half old hognose, the other was my 7 month old ball python. I was absolutely devastated, And I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Then one day while I was holding my cornsnake he has found a way to get into a crevice I couldn’t get him out of, I thought he was gone forever. Yet not long ago I found him! I was absolutely Amazed, i felt so happy.
At the same time of losing one of my cornsnakes, a small 2 month out corn somehow got out of his cage. Mind you this cage was at least double his size, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t get him Back. And to my surprise, I found him! He got stuck in a box and had a small wound on his tail but he is back home now and in a different cage until I find out how he got out of his first one .

This has probably been the worse but best month ever. I’m so glad to have my bois back! <3


I’m glad you were able to find them both. Sorry about your other snakes. :frowning_face:


This is why I always tell people not to give up on finding the lost ones. When you least expect it, they show up again! I’m sorry to hear about those you lost from bad food, but so very happy to hear you had two lost snakes reappear! Tail injuries seem to be the most common problem, but thankfully pretty easy to heal.


What am emotional roller coaster you’ve had! I’m sorry for your losses. And I’m uplifted that you found your lost boys! It is always encouraging to read of this happening.

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May your departed babies rest in peace. :heart:
I’m glad to hear your other baby is finally home and safe. That’s what’s most important now.