This weight/age doesn’t seem to match

I’m looking at a bp and it’s supposedly 3yo but only 650g and my other male is 1yo and went off feed for a few months when i first got him is also 650g, his body condition looks excellent but I don’t feel like it’s possible for one to be basically full grown and the same weight as a 1yo while still having good body condition, I asked the breeder about this but still haven’t heard back

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They grow so wildly different depending on how they are fed. If you boy is eating weaned rats weekly and the other one is only eating them every 2 weeks (mind you that’s just an example) your would grow much faster. The other one may have also been super tiny as a baby or a slow starter and even a combination of any of those. Now maybe it’s still a very picky eater there is no way to know until the current owner gives you a history.


I have three-year-old proven breeder males that are less than 600g. As Kristin notes, growth rates are very different for individual animals based on individual diets.


It definitely depends on, how often they feed, if they go off food or not, the size of rodent and the kind of rodent. I had a clutch, all about the same hatch weight. I held 2 back, one went off food after about 7 months, the others ate like a beast & was much larger. A friend who bought a hatchling off me 2yrs ago, mainly feed her snakes ASF and her female is almost 2x the weight of mine. Mine has not gone off food, eat the correct size rodents & will take while in sheds.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.

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No problem

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thanks for the awesome information.