This year's breeding outlook

So I was wondering how every one is doing this season compared to last. It seems that a lot of breeding last year did not turn out so great for a lot of people.

Last year I only had 2 seen locks on 4 different times, on 2 sets. And I only had 4 slugs from one.

This year I have more lock pairs. I am hoping the outcome is much better then last year.

So, how is your season gong compared to last?


This year for me is an off season for all my snakes. We may be moving around July, so I don’t want to have to worry about dealing with that. I usually started my pairings in November and would have snakes by April/may.


This was me last year. Only did 2 clutches, which I think worked out based on the reduced demand we’re seeing now.

This year I’m going again for my normal breeding size of 7 per year. 6 girls are locking consistently and showing building behavior so feeling confident I’ll get 6.


I know where you are coming from. We should be moving in a couple months, so I have time before any of them lay. Worst case scenario, I have to crank the heat up in the car for the drive and have to have a temp incubator setup.


That sounds good. Hope you hit it this year. Most ofine are constantly locking so it is looking better then before.


I produced 6 clutches last season, paired 10 girls this season, got several locks on most of them…. and so far at least 4 have been building follicles from what I can feel via palpating, and 2 of those 4 are starting to show a build so they’ll likely be ovulating soon.

I’m pretty excited either way!


2 of my 8 females did not produce after locks last year, but they locked up again very soon after and are looking good for an early 2023 clutch. .
All the others have now started locking.
I don’t think to much about seasons, if there are of good body weight for the size I will let them mate. They will choose to mate or not and to go to term or not. Obviously if they are not interested, I leave her alone for a while.
Just my way, i might be wrong.

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