This years colubrid pairings

All the colubrids have emptied out. I stopped feeding on halloween so that I could start brumation this week. Daytime temps are still in the 60s but they’ll drop off any day now.

Here are next seasons colubrid pairings

Corn Snakes
Caramel Tessera x Normal

Babies from this pairing will most likely be donated to local kids with full set ups. Young parents get to give their kids a pet that’s not expensive to care for and I get to get rid of old tanks, heat lamps, etc that just seem to pile up even though I never buy them anymore lol.

Lavender Snow 1 x Lavender Snow
Lavender Snow 1 x Lavender Het Snow
Lavender Snow 2 x Hypermel Het Lavender
Albino Aberrant Paradox x TH Blizzard
Mosaic x Mosaic
Albino Aberrant Paradox x High ‘White’ Banana

And that should make for plenty of tiny colubrids to get frustrated with next season :joy:

Here’s pics of a few kings for tax


Very cool! I would love to see what pops out of the mosaic x mosaic breeding! Your king in pic 3 almost looks light greenish to me, it’s great!:+1:


Don that’s so very kind of you to provide pets to kids whose parent/parents may or may not be able to afford them! And with complete setups to boot! It might not seem like a big thing to you but I am positive it will put some smiles on some faces and some joy in some hearts! God bless you for that Don! :pray::heart:

And btw those kings are amazing! The last one is my fav! :sunglasses:


Looks like some great pairings! I’m interested in seeing the offspring from the paradox albino cal king pairings. I would LOVE for that “paradoxing” to be able to pass along to the offspring. Keep us updated for sure!


Me too, I really like Mosaics. I have a wild caught male that has a crazy pattern I will breed to the female next year.

It’s the chocolate tipping on all the yellow scales but it even looks greenish in person. She’s a doll too, never tries to eat my fingers or pee on me lol.

Most people can afford $20 a month in rodents but a lot of parents can’t think about spending $2-400 on a set up and an animal. And I have no idea where all these 20 and 40 gallon tanks come from but every time I go in a different shed or in my garage I find two more lol.

This will be his first year breeding even though he’s about 6, I didn’t have any adult females. There aren’t very many paradoxes out there so it will be interesting to see what happens.


Hmmmmm. Well it’s certainly true that the more you give the more you receive. I just wonder where all these extra tanks DO come from Don?

Just sayin!………. :pray::heart:


That is the coolest thing I’ve read lately! How do you choose the lucky kids? I would imagine you’ve no shortage of hopeful young snake keepers.

I’m so envious. I would have to run AC to brumate, which proved to be a huge pain when I tried it. The snakes seem perfectly healthy. The downsides of no brumation are no down time for me and no down turn on feed bills lol. On the other hand, I do get to see wild herps year-round, like the buttermilk king snake hunting frogs in the ditch on Thanksgiving.

You should get some exciting babies from those pairings next season.