Those problem babies

Show me your problem babies and success stories!

Here’s my current one.
A little Mojave Fire ghost. Hatched at 27 grams on July 8th. Finally up at… 36grams last night. Hoo boy.

Still being assist fed. I tried holding off for 2 weeks and such between meals. Waited on her for almost 4 weeks after hatching but she had started loosing so much weight.
Like My plan is to get her up to 45 grams and hopefully she’ll take off after that. I’ll still be offering her food first, but if she doesn’t eat, we’ll get it as an assist.

How long have you worked with one?
I think my longest was nursing and fussing with a rescue burn snake for around 4 months.
Did things work out for your little ones in the end?


oh my god so small! I hope she makes it, I don’t know a lot about bp’s so I can’t help here.

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So far she’s taken her meals with a little bit of fussing, so she is a bit of a fighter. She also poops and sheds so fingers crossed, once she gets to a more normal BP weight she’ll start taking food on her own like a champ. At least I really hope she does! Hahah.


I have a line that hatches identical twins way more often than normal. One of my sets in 2020 came from a small egg. They were under 20 grams each. I had to assist feed for months but eventually both got going and might reach breeding weight this winter.


OMG they’re precious! GHI twins too it looks like?

That gives me hope for my little girl then. Just gotta tough it out a bit more.

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Yes, GHI. Pos het for a bunch of stuff.


Not quite as small as yours but other problems. Well done for persevering by the way.

No Live offered (stinking UK regulations) Tried rats, multies and mice, Refused for 7 weeks.
Then only took assist fed for 5 feeds and rejected all else.

Now taking with first strike on good sized defrosted thawed fuzzy rats eagerly every time, six in a row so far. (I had a couple of other hatchilge like this from other clutches with the same good outcome)

I prefer fuzzy multies (african soft furred rats) for assist feeding, they are a bit smaller than pink rats so easier for the snake to take in assist feed , and have a bit more structural integrity for the small size and so are easier to use for assist feed and don’t burst like a pink rat can, also better nutrition as more developed than a pinky rat.

She is now well over 100g and thriving.

Female banana pastel lesser


Oh my goodness, I hope everyone’s babies do super well for them. All of you keep us updated :blush:.