Thought I'd lost the little bugger

Tis was the season, and I was checking up on my two snakes (adult ball and baby burm) before leaving over the holidays.

Ball was happily curled up in her wetbox. Took her out, checked on her (had some cloacal issues a few weeks back). Then looked for the Burm…
Not in the wetbox, not in one of his three hides he never uses. Not underneath his favorite plant or water bowl. I started taking out the decor piece by piece looking for the little bugger.
My ballpython is exceptionally good at escaping, so at this point I am getting ready to tear the entire office apart looking for a 75cm long baby snake.
More decor gets taken out.
I give up and get backup. “The Baby probably escaped, you need to help me take the office apart.”

My partner enters the room, looks into the enclosure. Looks again, and starts laughing.

Screw snakes measuring you up to eat you, giving you heartattacks is what hip modern snakes do.


:joy: I had an experience like this one with my BCI a few weeks back. Great pic by the way!


Yes, my burm thinks she is a kenyan sand boa some days and some she is classified as an emerald tree boa, she’s something else :joy:


Some days my ball python thinks he’s a Kenyan sand boa, and some days my crested gecko thinks he’s a leopard gecko :joy:

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Wow, the world is really upside down when a python is a boa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol :joy:

Yes, though it seems my world always is, at least in my house… :joy: