Thought I'd share something about a defensive Boa

So over the years I’ve had animals that cover the spectrum of personalities. Of all of the defensive ones I’ve had, a current little Arabesque from one of my 2021 litters may take the cake. When she was brand new she was so defensive that she’d strike her littermates repeatedly. When I handle her she strikes and hisses. She has even resorted to evacuating her bowels and spraying me with feces and urine. I’ll of course keep working with her and hopefully one day she’ll understand she’s not under any threat of danger. It’s rather amusing the extremes you can see in a litter.


That’s crazy! But yeah, I’ve also seen a wide gamut of personality and/or basic disposition right out of the eggs just like with newborn anythings.

I imagine a boa family reunion with Hissy Missy’s siblings laughing at how ridiculous she used to act. :snake: