Thoughts on cohabiting Royals

So I’m wondering everyone’s thought on Royals (Balls) living together?
My boy is currently in a handmade rack but I’m getting him a 4x2 Viv as it’s going soon. But I was also wondering if I went bigger I could get him a female? I’ve seen loads of people keep Royals together in pairs, just not done it myself.
I know they don’t need to have company, but I always feel mean if I have an animal alone (depending on what it is), it may be just me that feels this way, but I don’t want him lonely, though in reality he probably doesn’t give a damn!
He’s a Banana so I would most likely get another banana, or a Bamboo as I do adore them and have always wanted one.
But any comments appreciated. I’m probably being silly, I just don’t like the feeling of him being alone for his whole life…
I get him out regularly, and he comes and explores the garden and meets all the other reptiles/amphibians and animals, though not the quails as I feel that could only go 1 way :joy:

He definitely doesn’t feel lonely, try not to project human feelings onto a animal with vastly different physiology and brain structure. You could literally get brutally murdered in front of your snakes and it wouldn’t even phase them slightly :rofl:

As for cohabitation, my opinion is this: there are zero reasons to do so, there are a number of reasons not to, so even if it is quite possible to get away with it and have no negative impact, why bother?

I would strongly advise against cohabiting animals of the opposite sex especially. Males and females should only be placed together if the intent is on breeding for a specific amount of time. Breeding is quite stressful, and being trapped in the same enclosure unable to get away from each other maximizes that stress. Females have the obvious physical aspect of build up, ovulation and egg laying. Males as well will literally breed themselves to death.


There’s a thread about this that is a good read: On Ball Python Cohabitation


Ideal Thankyou will have a read!

Yeah we were going to breed but changed our minds hence why we don’t have 12 anymore! I just want to make sure he’s happy I suppose and the thought of him being alone is quite sad, but he’s loved and I think he’s happy? How can you tell, he’s a pig and always got a full belly so he’s got a good life here :joy:
I am probably overthinking it aren’t I.
He’d probably try eat me if anything if I got murdered in front of him :sweat_smile:

He would gladly eat you, if you were small enough and tasted like rodent! I don’t know if “happy” is what to aim for, but perhaps more accurate would be “content.” I imagine that if he’s being taken good care of and there’s no significant stressors, he’ll be as “happy” as a snake can be

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