Thoughts on keeping reptiles in living room?

So, I was thinking about keeping a reptile in my living room to give it a bit more decoration, but of course, the reptile comes first, so I was wondering if you think this might stress them out, with the loud tv, the people walking all around, the dogs barking, the cat, etc., but what do you think? do any of you keep reptiles in your living room, and if so, do you notice them being stressed out at all? btw, the reptiles I was thinking of are cuban false chameleons, frilled dragons, chinese water dragons or kimberley rock monitors.


Depends on the species. I have an 8’ retic viv in my living room. The retic doesn’t care about the traffic etc. Sound isn’t an issue if you stick to snakes. They can’t hear it. Subwoofer would probably bother them though. I used to keep a few colubrids in displays in the living room but they hid all the time during the day. Now that I put them back in the colubrid room they’re a lot more active so they probably didn’t love it.


I’m working on a dart frog/day gecko tank for my living room. It doesn’t get any direct sunlight any time of the year (this is important). It is in an area where we often are and my dog often barks but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem since I’m making it heavily planted and decorated. You can always keep some of the sides covered if you need to.


Kai is in my bedroom, and he is always out, almost never hides. I don’t know if he would be out all the time if he was more exposed in a living room. But I do believe that he would be because he is enclosed on three sides in his PVC enclosure.

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how do you think a pink tongue skink and some cuban false chameleons would do in bioactive planted enclosures in the living room?

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They would likely be okay as long as they weren’t directly disturbed (example: bumping into their tank). If it were heavily planted it would likely work great since they could easily hide and animals that have that chance are more often out on display. If you’re planning on housing both in the same tank I don’t know how well that would work (it depends how well they’re able to be cohabitated) and you would need a larger enclosure.


no, I definitely wouldn’t co-hab pink tongues and false chameleons. also, thanks, I think I will keep them in the living room!


I have a bearded dragon, bleu tongue skink, crested gecko, two leopard gecko’s, nicaragua boa and and a ball python in my living room. Also kept two other ball pythons there but they they moved to my sons bedroom. Never noticed any stress. The blue tongue skink is at the same hight as the dogs but still walks around even when the dogs are staring at his food. He sits five cm from them and doesn’t care a bit. Also I never noticed anything in the other animals. The other snakes are in my sons bedroom and a bedroom which I also use almost every day for work now because of covid we have to work from home. Never noticed anything from them either. Our dinning table is pushed against the bearded dragon terrarium. So when we sit there we sit right next to him. During homescholing we often opened the terrarium. He would climb out and walked around our work and school papers lick the laptop :grin: and when he had enough he would just climb in again. I had the feeling he even liked the company. Here in Holland majority of reptile keepers keep at least several in their living room.

I can not judge for all reptiles but I think it is simply what they are used to. A snake that was never handled will be scared if you do, but if the snake learned nothing bad happens when you do, they are oke with it and some even seem to like it. The same with keeping them in the living room. If they learned that jumping kid and barking dog and loud television mean no treat to them they don’t fear for it anymore and go on with their normal business. They can handle and learn more then you think. The only thing, I decided to not breed the ball python in the living room because for such a big intense thing I think she deserves some more peace.