Thoughts on the Stranger gene

What are your thoughts on the stranger ball python? I’ve seen few on MorphMarket and noticed they are very expensive even as a single gene and wondered what everyone thought about it. Do you think it would be worth the investment and would it’s worth possible hold long enough to invest and start producing from the investments? Just a topic I was curious about


I like the gene, it seems to go very well with clown stuff. I know Kinova is working with it and I expect to see some amazing stuff coming out soon. I’ve also thought about investing in it


It’s definitely above my budget right now but depending on how this season goes I’d like to invest into something a little heavier like stranger. But I’m also kinda hesitant with the thought of paying 8to10k for one this year and then the price be half next year lol

Those big investments don’t always work out like they should. I have a buddy who paid $15k for his stranger male as a hatchling a couple years ago. It’s now 1600g and has yet to sire a single clutch. Pretty snake though :joy:


That must feel like a kick in the side lol :joy: