Three super shapes from three eggs

Three super shapes from three eggs. That’s a quota. From the pairing Mojave Woma Gravel X Mojave Phantom Yellow Belly


They are fantastic

Nice clutch. You should black light those guys to see what other genes might be in play.

here they are under black light

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I once photographed them under black light. Is there as a comment.

Going to look at the pics on my laptop at home. Just a quick opservation is that last one has something else in there.

Ok the third one looks like you have woma and either gravel/yb in there. There is some really reduced pattern on that one. So it’s more then a super Mojave or Mojave phantom.
The second might be a gravel, yb, super mojo, phantom. Looks like you hit the lotto with that one. And the last one has either yb or gravel it.
That’s my 2 cents anyways.

Thank you for the help. My guess was similar. I was just unsure if I really had the highway inside in the second.