Thunder Lizard is handicapped :(

Thunder Lizard is a male black throated monitor. He’s grown like a weed, but stopped eating when i moved him into a bigger inclosure. I realised i have never seen him flick hi tongue. Vet looked in his mouth and doesn’t think Thunder Lizard has much of a tongue.

Farm raised, the evil spawn of Satan took a chink out of his tail and tore up his tongue when they captured him. ( i do know better than to purchase farm raised/wild caught but my husband of 33 years had just died and i wasn’t myself)

Poor Thunder Lizard :lizard:

I changed how i feed him, Large meal item when he is hungry instead of a lot of bite sized food. He had 2 rats for breakfast yesterday. He has to be completely comfortable and visually see his food.

My vet is planning to anesthetize him and really examine is mouth next week. I’m not sorry to own him, but i am sorry i was part of the problem that encourages evil inhumane people to mistreat wild lizards.


Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Thunder Lizard is lucky to have such a caring owner who is willing to help give him the extra care he needs because of his disabilities. And, just as you said, you had just suffered the loss of a loved one.

The fact that you have a preference for purchasing CB is already making a positive difference. And, as you noted, he was farm-raised. Unless I’m mistaken (I’m kinda tired), that means either that his dam was released after laying her eggs, or that his dam was raised within the farm. That means that you may be helping provide jobs to indigenous or impoverished people, and giving a financial incentive to them to release the females (edit: after they’ve finished laying) to allow better maintenance of wild populations.


Thank you for your kind words. I fear that many “farm raised” reptiles are actually wild caught.

I worry about Thunder Lizard🦎 because he is an import and I dont want him to crash.

LOL some people deal with grief by purchasing clothing, i filled my house with monitors. ( i guess i figured if i had to live alone, i would fill my house with big lizards)

i have a captive bred white throat, Argus, and Asian water monitor. Thunder Lizard is the only imported reptile i own. When i got him there were no captive bred black throats avaliable. Poor dude, i rush him to the vet if he even looks a little off.



I’m sorry you lost your husband. I’ve been through real loss and grief, but not that loss. I do know that it was horrible for Mom when Dad died.

That’s a choice to ensure you’ve got living creatures to care about. I absolutely understand that. I cannot imagine not having my animals. The outward focus and the joy they bring is a crucial component of a life will lived for many of us.

I think it’s wonderful that you’re giving Thunder Lizard such good care. He’s fortunate to have landed with you. *mblaney is wise; don’t beat yourself up about a past choice. You’re giving him great options, you’re committed to making ethical choices, and that’s the best takeaway.


I dunno if I’d go that far, hehe! :sweat_smile:


Definitely, we all would go that far because you are :wink:. We all are grateful for you @mblaney.