Tidal Wave - boom or bust?

I have been working with this male for the last 11 years.

I currently have eggs in the incubator from:

  • Tidal Wave x Normal / Wild Type
  • Tidal Wave x Tidal # 1
  • Tidal Wave x Tidal # 2

What do you think?



Is there any background story on The Tidal Wave or is it something you are trying to prove out. I haven’t heard of it before

He looks like the genetic banded I used to own. She was very reduced, lovely girl too, and when I spoke to breeders I was told not many in the uk.
But I ended up selling her with others to a breeder as I cut down then.

I purchased the original male as a ‘funky’ normal animal 11 years ago.

No other informarion avaipable on him unfortunately.

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I hope you can prove it out as something genetic, I really love the reduced pattern look