Tidal Wave Project

11 years i have been working with this male in the hope that his reduced pattern is hereditary.

The next few weeks will be very exciting as i wait on some eggs hatching from this Visual male to 2 x 100% Het. and 1 x Wild Type female.



That is super reduced! Love the black back too! Almost looks like if a super adder and super blade were in the same visual animal! Do the hets look influenced at all by that trait? Cool recessive project hope it proves out for you!


The Hets. do look different but until it proves out or otherwise i am reluctant to say much more.

Here is one of his 100% Het. daughters having just produced a clutch of 5 eggs:

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Thanks for sharing! I was just wondering if it was a super form of a co-dominant gene because it was so reduced. Other then maybe a few potential markers, the hets. don’t look too different then wild type to me. Hope it proves out recessive for you! Very interesting morph you have in the tidal wave! I will be watching for it👍 Thanks again!

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Thank you.

You really do have to see them next to a wild type (and i know there is a great deal of difference between wild type animals) to appreciate the differences.

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