Tiger Combo vs Tiger Gene

A Nice Super Tiger Bee from this year


My first Super Tiger Ax Bee compared to a Tiger Ax Bee


@pilgrimcasareptiles Phoenix is Desert Ghost…the name came from Bob Vu. It’s not even a separate line…Bob felt like renaming DG to Phoenix would alleviate some of the confusion, instead it caused more. In other words, there is no Phoenix, it’s a made up name Bob gave to the Desert Ghosts he produced

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Didn’t understood everything that’s been said here, but I want one of those Tigers :revolving_hearts: I have this friend who is trying to do… something with desert ghost female. They got it from the bunch, someone bought from Germany, in their petshops around Finland. When the snakes came, they didn’t have papers, they were very small. No one knew their sex eighter :roll_eyes: Not sure if petshops keepers know what they are doing :pensive::roll_eyes:

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How does the Tiger gene work with enchi and blade?


There are unfortunately breeders out there who have been selling these as Blades but I have not bred them into either. We obtained an Orange Dream Enchi Tiger. (Het. Jolliff Ax) and hope to see some results next season from breeding him into more Tigers & Supers. Enchi is one we have big hopes for though.


I bred Tiger X Enchi and hit the combo on one of the offspring. Its a strangely colored animal. Not much brown like a normal or tiger, and definitely not orange/yellow like an Enchi. I would say its more gray.


Do you happen to have a photo you could share of the Enchi Tiger? That’s an interesting description.


So for comparison purposes, I tried to get shots of both snakes’ bodies in the same location with the same lighting:

This is the Enchi that sired the clutch. Nothing unusual about it, looks like any other Enchi.

This is what I believe is a Tiger Enchi. The pattern is more reduced, there is less of that Enchi “pixelation” on the ventral side, and the color is less yellow and more gray. Also you can see that the darker areas along the spine have a lot more blush than the Enchi.

Not anything earth-shattering, but interesting nontheless.


Thank you. Those are very good comparison pictures.
That is interesting, especially since Tiger can be a color enhancing gene. I would have thought that would make that combo brighter if anything.
Cool comparison for sure, definitely different.


What a difference because it a color enhancer.
I definitely see the more grays that you’re talking about

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Just wanted to share some Jolliff Tigers I hatched this year.