Tinley Park?

Anyone else going to the NARBC expo in Tinley Park here in March? My boyfriend and I plan to go (it’ll be our first time attending) and I’d love to meet more of you awesome people!

Not sure what I’ll be looking for there honestly, maybe some more racks or some nice snakes :joy:

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Of course!

You can get a preview by looking at the vendor list. The March show is usually kind of light compared to October. October’s show had Dav Kaufman, NERD, Snake Discovery, Clint’s Reptiles, Kobylka, JMG Reptiles… so many! I think only Kobylka from the list I just made will be at the one in March but I’m not sure. :slight_smile:

Both are a lot of fun.


That’s good to know! It’ll be a practice run for when October comes around :joy: provided I can convince my boyfriend to attend the October one, anyways

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After March I bet it won’t be a problem… :slight_smile:

There’s so much there. I don’t know if either of you are “lizard people” or “snake people” but you’ll see everything from Abronias to short tails (check out Juggernaut!), always ball pythons, usually blackheads, Leachies, cresties, monitors galore, corns, … very long list.

Tools, too. Freedom Breeder will be there (you can get free shipping to the show), C serpents (free shipping to the show, racks, etc), ReptileBasics (racks, tools, thermostats, tape, hooks, …), Josh’s Frogs (bioactive gear, etc).

Bugs, too. Spiders, isopods, beetles, and all of the things to take care of them with.

The October show had vendors not only in the main room but also littered across the smaller conference rooms. I don’t know if this next show in March will have the same overload but make sure to check! We missed a lot of cool stuff in October.

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I wish I could go to Tinley but Im stuck at home in Canada. I did get to meet Dav Kaufman at a local expo in september last year. If all those well-known people are attending then nobody should miss the opportunity to go if they can. I hope to get to go to Tinley one day but I dont even really know where in the USA it is.

Find Chicago.
… unless you’re talking to someone from Chicago and they’ll tell you it definitely isn’t Chicago. :laughing:

I’m from Chicago. Tinley Park is not Chicago lol

I will be at this show and would love to meet up with anyone who wants to. Since this show is in my back yard, I attend this show twice a year and I usually buy something. This year I will not be actually buying anything at the show but I will be picking up some animals I previously ordered. Specifically, four locality boa constrictors from Vin Russo at Cutting edge.

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I live in southwestern Indiana so it’s almost a straight shot up north from me. Still gonna be a 5 hour drive or so, but I think it’ll be fun. Anything that gets me out of the house!

I’m definitely more of a snake person, but my boyfriend did express interest in getting a bearded dragon at some point. We have ball pythons and a couple western hognoses, but I might look into some of the short tail python species too. I got to hold a baby one once and it was pretty neat!

So is Tinley in the same state as the city of Chicago? Im from Toronto Canada. I sit on lake Ontario with Buffalo on the other side. My closest land crossings are Niagara falls which is slightly closer than the other one (Windsor Ontario). The Windsor one leads to Detroit. Which crossing would be better if I ever got the chance to go to Tinley?

Yes. Same state, same county as Chicago, Illinois. 30 min. south of Chicago. I think you’d want the Niagara Falls crossing but I haven’t made that trip before. :woman_shrugging:

For most travel purposes just point Google Maps or something at Chicago. The joke above is that people will claim pretty much everything within 1 hour drive of Chicago is Chicago. Tinley Park is nothing like Chicago. :wink: It’s very suburban and very detached from the city.

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Thanks. I just remembered I had downloaded a fairly decent USA map (probably from my days as a heavy xbox gamer–most of my friends on there were all American). I see where IL is now. Looks like crossing from Windsor into Detroit would be a lil quicker then over a bit from there. I wish Canada had a Tinley show of its own. Are you from Chicago area?

I don’t think I’ll be going to the March one, but October might be doable!

Ive decided to make Octobers Tinley a goal of mine. Ive never been outside Canada in my entire life and I think Tinley will be a great place to get my 1st ever reptile. I hope I can make this work.


I hope to go to Tinley one day. It is a long way and I won’t be able to go this year. I hope you get to go.