Tiny Hatchling

I should’ve posted this a few weeks back when the eggs were 1st cut. Sort of like a progression thread but here it goes, better late than never.
I’ll post as many pictures as I have to give a better visual of what I’m talking about. It started at day 45, when the eggs were terribly deflated. Out of the 6 eggs cut, 3 were dried up dead in the egg already. The other 3 is what I’ll be referring to. Thanks to videos by Billy @mutation_creation, I added some warm tap (well) water to the eggs for a few days until they popped their heads out of the egg sack. Once they finally came out, one was very small. I mean they all were small hatchlings, but the one was just tiny. I did some research and came across a thread about 5 years old by Deb @northernregius which said to try feeding almost immediately, before the 1st shed. This find helped immensely because I probably would’ve waited a bit longer, after 1st shed, which most likely would’ve been too late. All 3 took their first live meals, a hopper each for 2 of them and a pinky for “tiny.” Going forward I’m going to focus on the tiny one. He regurged after 2 days. I was heartbroken, nervous but didn’t stop which I wouldn’t expect anyone to do in this situation. Waited another 4 nights then attempted again. Regurged again after 2 days. Checked for blockages and didn’t feel anything hard or out of place so I tried again and the 3rd time was the charm. No regurge after 4 days. So now, I’m onto the 4th feeding. He took it down but when I checked on him 2 days later the disgustingness was there. 4 feedings, 3 regurgitated rodents but he was actually looking healthier than when he hatched about 3 weeks back. Weird, right? He was also going into shed at this point so I was still feeling somewhat positive he was going to pull through. Once he shed, 5th feeding of a frozen thawed mouse fuzzy. That was about 2 weeks ago now and since then has taken 3 more meals and kept them down solidly. I think my main point is to have patience and persistence in a situation like this but also educate yourself the best you can to prepare yourself for something like this. I’ll post the pictures I have from the past few weeks and will continue to post on their progress. Thought some may enjoy and hopefully this will help someone like Deb and Billy, among others, have helped me. Any input as well is always appreciated!



Go, Tiny, Go! You can do it- we are rooting for you!


@johnnyb76 @mutation_creation could you expand a bit more on the warm water, I haven’t heard this before.
Is this specifically in the case of a clutch in danger of drying up/going bad towards the end and did you cut them a bit and just add a tsp a day or what? Good knowledge to have thanks


Yes, this was specifically only used because of the small amount, if any of the albumen (spelling may be off or actually the entire terminology but the liquid in the egg) It was basically on the verge of completely drying up like the other 3 that perished. As soon as I cut I noticed this and added a few drops, maybe a tsp to where there was enough liquid in the egg.
I just happened to remember watching the video about a year ago, took me a while to find it again. I’ll post the actual video if or when I find it again too.


Thanks I would like to watch the vid too :wink:

Billy just messaged me, he wants everyone to start from the beginning of his channel and watch all the videos 1st :joy:Just Kidding, but I believe this is the video that will show him using a few drops of water into each dehydrated egg to add some moisture. His worst egg looked better than the best of the three I had.


Thanks I’ll check this out right away.

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@johnnyb76 Did you weigh it when it hatched? Was just curious I hatched out a 23 gram hatchling earlier this season. It was touch and go for a while. But he’s doing great now! Seems like yours will make it! I know from my past experiences that I don’t try to cram them full of food to fast. Also I used to have terrible luck with eggs deflating and such. I stopped opening egg boxes after they go into the incubator. I don’t even look at the eggs until day 50. I feel like if I have the proper water/media mixture/temps I can’t really do anything else. It seems to always harm the eggs when I check to much. Or try adding water or taking out water. Or just touching the eggs or candling them.


My heart! Keep it up tiny!! :heart::heart:


Hey Shaun, she was 18 grams when she first hatched. All 3 didn’t absorb the majority of their yolk sacks when they left the egg, especially Tiny. I think it was more the “look” of the hatchling, just did not look healthy at all. I had small hatchlings come out in the past but they looked healthier if that makes sense, definitely nothing this small though. This one just looked so malnourished, that’s the reason I wanted to get some food in him.
I’m pretty sure, actually I know it was, the egg box that I used had too much ventilation. I haven’t had to use press n seal but I should’ve with this one. I knew the feeling all too well of looking, opening the incubator but the past year or two patience in this hobby has truly sunk in to where I try my best to let everything run its course as long as I follow the proper steps in all the processes.


@johnnyb76 couldn’t agree more! Patience has always been my downfall! 19 grams is tiny! Glad it seems like everything is going to work out! I’ve totally went away from press and seal. Others swear by it I swear at it lol. Your clutch looks amazing though congratulations! Here’s my tiny lol. Think I’m keeping him!


Lol & thank you! How’s your little guy doing now? I never had to use press n Seal in the past because the containers I use are sealed completely, besides the 4 pin holes. The one used for this clutch, I noticed afterwards, was different. Going forward I’m either not going to use that kind of tub anymore or definitely use press n seal.

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He is doing great now. Never misses a meal! Last I weighed him he was over 60 grams. Which still seems small lol. But he definitely earned that weight!


Nice @saleengrinch Good luck and keep this post alive with the future of your guy. I’ll throw up another picture soon as well.


There’s me thinking my 48 gram hatching this year was small 18 grams omg. Happy the little fella doing well now :+1:

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Quick update pic from earlier w/ his siblings!!,


Looking good! Get a meal in him?

Thanks bud, he’s taken down about the last 3-4 meals now without an issue. Things seem to be only looking up from here. He’s getting the body of what it should be at this point. I’ll do a weigh-in over the next day or two & post an update.


That’s great to hear! Maybe he will grow up to be the biggest you never know :stuck_out_tongue:

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