Tiny little earthworm

New female addition to my rubber colony (once she passes quarantine) I forgot how small these things were as babies…


That is great. Gotta appreciate the North American Boas. How successful have you been with your rubber boa group?

In terms of keeping them? Great. they are easy captives if you can properly accommodate for their required cold hibernation period.

In terms of breeding? Too soon for me to say. Typically they will not breed until four or five years old so next season will be the first year I try


Wow that is pretty long

Great looking animal. I’d love to get a pair. Did you buy it on here?

Actually, it really is not.

It is just that so much of the hobby is focused on the ‘push it as hard as you can to get it to breeding size as fast as possible’ mentality that comes from the morph-driven mentality. I could honestly say that it would be healthier for all of our animals if we normalized the idea of slow growing our animals

I snagged her based on a post I saw on Instagram, but the vendor I got them from does list here


I have been searching for one for a while…preferably a baby. They pop up here & there every once in awhile…& if ya dont jump…they get sold. Even when they dont… I happened across someone getting rid of a baby…got ahold of them…in time! They changed their mind about getting rid of right after.