Tiny lizard ID help

Was plant shopping with my wife this morning, and ran across this little guy inside of our Home Depot by the tropical plant section. Is he a native to my area lizard (we live in NW Indiana, just outside Chicago) or did he hitch a ride on some plants?

He probably could’ve fit on a quarter, and wouldn’t let me get closer than 2 feet away from him. Was a tiny little guy.


Looks like a baby Bahama Anole. Probably hitched a ride on some plants. I think there’s a population of them in Florida but I could be wrong on that.


Definitely hitched a ride. It looks to be a Bahamian anole, also known as a brown anole. They are extremely invasive in Florida and almost all the plants in Home Depot’s around the whole country are grown in Florida, he is not native. He can’t survive the winter so no risk of being invasive


What a tiny little cutie! If he actually is from Florida the poor little guy will not make it in Indiana unless someone rescues him which will not be possible unless he wants to be rescued! :blush::pensive: