Tips about breeding please

Hello, I’m looking to begin hopefully by next year, I was looking to see if anybody had some tips on where to begin or essentials to breed successfully. I currently own 1 male and 2 female.

Marcus Jayne has a really great tutorial with photos that explains every step of the breeding process. I still refer to it from time to time. Go here:

The important thing is that the ball pythons are in control. You can pair but ultimately it’s up to the female to mate with a male, to ovulate, and lay eggs. Sometimes females will lay in their second or third year, sometimes a female will wait until she’s four or five. It can be frustrating sometimes, but patience often pays off. If you have the proper husbandry they will eventually figure it out.

You should also invest in a quality incubator. I personally use a Nature’s Spirit incubator, but CSerpents and other vendors make nice incubators as well. You can also check out online tutorials on how to make a solid incubator using a cooler, a heating element, and a thermostat. Avoid any of the minifridge incubators, they don’t hold consistent temperatures and they fry eggs.