Tips for buying a BRB?

I will be buying a BRB hopefully in a few years once I can afford to. However, I’d want an adult that has a more reddish-orange coloration as opposed to the more brown and yellow ones. I know there isn’t really a morph guaranteeing that coloration and that you can’t tell exactly from hatchlings, but how would I go about finding a hatchling that would most likely be the color I’d prefer?

I’d look for a breeder that has been producing them for a while. They should have a good idea on how things will age.


Photos of parents will give a very good idea of the overall coloration of the offspring. Buying an older snake (older than a year, at least) will give a little more hint especially if it can be compared to siblings.

Baby boas are ‘neonates’ and not ‘hatchlings’, BTW, since they’re born rather than hatched.

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