Tips for new ball python owners

I’m planning on getting three baby ball pythons any tips

A few suggestions:

  • If they aren’t all coming from the same breeder, quarantine them all. This means separate enclosures, sterilizing equipment between each (such as feeding tongs), washing hands or wearing gloves between handling/cleaning. I personally keep quarantined new animals in separate rooms with an air purifier and feed/handle/clean on separate days from my others.

  • Have your enclosures set up several days in advance BEFORE the snakes arrive. You want temps and humidity to be stabilized and correct before putting your snakes in there.

  • Don’t handle them until they are eating consistently. I personally wait 3 meals.


Thanks there all coming from a breeder that’s like 20 minutes from me house that I found on MorphMarket ps is it Easiest. To care for them in a tub or aquarium


I think A tub is better because it holds humidity better but thats a very controversial


For younger snakes it’s better to keep them in a tub so they’re more comfortable. I think that it’s pointless to put them in a tank because you rarely ever see them except at night.


Thanks this is my first ball pythons


For your first I wouldn’t recommend getting 3 at once. If you really want to you can but there’s a large learning curve to it and it’s easier to learn with 1 than 3.


^ I would agree with this as well, start with one and see how it goes.

As far as tubs vs tanks go, I know it’s the never ending debate and everyone has a different opinion. Personally I use both and haven’t had issues with either. You just want to to find a happy medium where it’s big enough for them to stretch out, have a few hides, substrate, water bowl, etc, but cluttered enough that they feel secure.